Dealing with Breach of Contract as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you will most likely come across at least some problems. Being a freelancer is not a walk in the park with no problems ever happening. As a business owner, sometimes issues arise. Knowing the best way to approach any freelancing issues is great, because it is always best to be prepared.

Breach of contract is very difficult problem to deal with for a freelancer. Sometimes a client does not pay, or they claim that something is wrong with the services that they paid for. First step is to always have some sort of contract. Make sure to contact an attorney if you do not know how contracts and business legalities work.

When you and your client sign the contract, you are both entering into agreement with the terms of the contract and the penalties that come when one side or the other doesn’t comply. But what happens if the client breaches on this contract?



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A problem that you may encounter as a freelancer:

Freelancers get a kind of bad deal with clients because so many, especially those abroad think that since you are a freelancer that you aren’t protected by big corporations and their corporate lawyers.

When a client deliberately breaches a contract, it can be difficult to seek legal action against them, especially if they are in a foreign country. The problem with money-making ideas that work strictly online is that there are fewer lawyers that take on intellectual property and ecommerce cases.

Many of your clients are probably very far away, and probably not even in the same country as you are. This makes it difficult for contracts and business law, and business legalities differ from state to state, and country to country.


How to Deal with breach of contract as a freelancer:

No matter what, always make sure to have a written contract signed and dated by your clients for any services that you provide for a client. This is a very important step as it is what can help protect you if anything goes sour with your service between you and the client.

This is an ironclad form that you can use if, for unfortunate reasons, you must file suit against your client for breach of contract.

Also, do some research and find a lawyer locally that have experience working with online breach of contract cases, or even a lawyer willing to take on such a case. It always helps to know in advance that you have legal help to fall back, if things end up turning for the worse.

You could send a cease-and-desist letter to your client. Even though anyone can send this letter, most people have a lawyer draft one for them for a nominal fee. In most cases this action alone may be sufficient to scare a client into action.


Do you always make sure to have a contract? Why or why not?


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