Take Your Freelance Writing Experience To the Next Level: Start An Internet Content Provider Business

The field of professional writing has changed with the advent of Internet content provider businesses. In the past decade, many professional writers have shifted toward writing Internet content such as blogs, e-books, and articles. Today, many writers are either working for an Internet content provider business, or actually running an Internet content provider business. Internet content provider business can be lucrative for writers. If you have some experience with writing Internet content already, here is how you can take it to the next level by setting up a business to cater to bloggers and website owners looking for some fresh content.

Administrative Tasks

Any writer that gets into the industry must be prepared to manage administrative tasks such as taxes and billing. As a freelance professional writer you may already be used to managing your finances and administrative tasks, so this should be an easy transition. However, as a company possibly managing several writers, it may be difficult to manage all of the administrative tasks by yourself. As an entrepreneur, you may need to hire an accountant or a consultant to assist with your finances.

Hire Both Writers and Editors

Writing and editing draw on different skills, so it is important to have both dedicated writers and editors if you want to be successful. Writers produce the original content and the editors should be present to maintain a clear and consistent style, tone and level of quality for the all of the content.

Moderate Workload

Creating an even and moderate workload is essential to the long-term productivity of the writers and editors. Larger projects should be spread across multiple writers and editors to prevent them from becoming exhausted in the process. Multiple writers should work on large projects in manageable bits and pieces, while editors review the work to ensure a consistent style and tone.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is a large part of what makes businesses successful and clients should be aware of them. Obviously, some information should remain private to ensure that competitors will not have access to sensitive information, but what distinguishes you from your competition should be quickly identifiable by a prospective client. It could be something regarding customer service, pricing, and guarantees, but let clients know why they should choose the company.

Consistent Work

Working as a freelancer or entrepreneur is risky, but there must be some way to ensure that there is a consistent workload for the staff. Managed growth is vital to upholding your obligations to your clients, your staff, and your bottom line. Expanding your clientele too quickly will mean overworking your staff and jeopardizing both their sanity and your ability to keep deadlines. At the same time, expanding your workforce may seem tempting when you have a sudden crush of work, but it’s important not to expand your staff just to accommodate a short burst of activity. To avoid compromising your reputation and financial well-being, plan properly to ensure a consistent level of work.


Money Making Ideas: Content Provider BusinessAs an entrepreneur, you should consider outsourcing the tasks you may not be qualified to handle — ex., web design and programming of the website —  to allow for more efficient project management. A stable and functional design for the website can draw more clients and make article and project requests easier for clients to make. There are some free resources and web pages available online, but it is best to hire professionals who can customize the website to create the optimal experience for both employees and clients.


Marketing is an essential part of the success of the company. Since you provide Internet content, it is likely that your potential clients will find you through the Internet either by search, or word-of-mouth. You should put in the effort (or outsource)  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Internet Marketing (IM) of your site to ensure that your site ranks high in search engine results. You should also focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to turn as much of the traffic as possible into paid customers.

Create Diversified Income

Be sure to find multiple sources of clients and projects for the company. The company should never be dependent upon one source for revenue, so marketing efforts must be adjusted periodically to reach out to new clientele and expand the customer base. Relying on one source is a recipe for disaster because the company will struggle once that source has dried up and experience severely uneven workloads during transitions between clients. Always look for more clients and resources to broaden options and opportunities for the company.

Customer Assurance Policy

A customer assurance policy should be visible on the website as well as a terms of service agreement that will detail exactly what customers can expect from the company and describe return policies, prices, and so on. If a customer wants to know what they can do if they would like to have a project revised, they should be able to find that information laid out explicitly and have a legitimate expectation that the policy will be honored.

Foreign Language Support

Being multilingual is always an advantage for any writer or company. Internet content is no longer  just written in English due to globalization and the shifting landscape of business. Foreign language content has become increasingly popular to accommodate global audiences. Websites that have content in Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi can have a significant advantage, so you may want to tap into new revenue streams by looking for multilingual writers and editors.

Running an Internet content provider business can be both rewarding and profitable if done properly. Both writers and entrepreneurs have to consider many factors before starting an operation. It is important to know how to focus on and advertise your strengths, while outsourcing the parts of your business that you cannot manage efficiently. Properly managing the scope and specialization of your business, as well as planning for its long-term growth and stability, will help increase the likelihood it will become a profitable and stable enterprise.

About the Author: Andy Wallner is a freelance writer and web developer that specializes in providing information to students considering a marketing degree, or interested in online and offline marketing information. In his free time, Andy enjoys kayaking, playing trombone in a local jazz band, and learning CSS.
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