Common Interview Questions That You Are Bombing

I have heard of stories where someone doesn’t get a job after an interview, and they don’t know why. Then I hear about their interview and it all makes sense to me – the person didn’t prepare for their interview at all.

You should know that there are common interview questions that most people are asked during an interview. You should know what these questions are so that you can answer them the best possible way. Below are common questions that many people answer incorrectly because they were not prepared for them:

Common Interview Questions That You Are BombingWhat are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

Almost every single interview includes these two questions, so you better be prepared for them. The interviewer wants to know what your biggest strength is, and they also want you to back this up with actual proof.

Also, they will ask you what your weaknesses are. They want you to be truthful, so don’t just say that you don’t have any. Also, don’t say something that may prevent you from taking a job. For example, if you are taking a public speaking job, then you don’t want to say that your biggest weakness is public speaking!

Why do you want this job? Why do you think you are the best fit for this job?

This is a question that so many people fail at. You should know exactly why you want this job. If you are confused, stammer, or can’t even answer it, then you may have a problem.

You want to show that you are confident and that you are the right fit. If you don’t believe that you are the right fit, then it would be hard for the interviewer(s) to believe that you are the perfect fit for the job as well.

What do we do? What do you think you will be doing?

You should do as much research on your new job and the company that you want to work for as you can. You should know the position is, what your responsibilities will be, what promotions it will lead to, what the company does, and so on.

You can probably skate by through an interview without knowing all of this, but it will really show to the interviewers that you care if you go through all the steps to know more about the position and the company.

Have you ever answered a question incorrectly and regretted it later? What happened?


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  1. I haven’t interviewed much at all in the past few years, but I did have one interview that I almost didn’t go to but figured it would be good practice and who knows maybe I would have a change of heart about the company. I think you really need to ‘dumb down’ the job you currently do. They don’t want specifics! They might want specifics of exactly projects and successes, but not of the process that you worked in. I think I spent 10 minutes going on and on about the responsibilities I had and things I did, though they did seem interested. I also made an off-hand remark that our cubicles are too open at my current employer and my work is sometimes impeded by interruptions from my outgoing manager and co-workers. I think that was a dumb comment that I would take back if I could.

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