Best Tips for Business Travel

aircraft-513641_640So you’ve landed a great new job that seems to have everything: Great pay, tip top benefits, and even a travel bonus. You’ve got every reason to congratulate yourself on your sweet success. Now it’s time to hop on that plane, fly off to the far corners of the globe, and reap the benefits of all that hard work and dedication. Now that you’ve hit the big time, it’s time to strut your stuff and show the world just what you’re made of.

It’s Time to Travel the World

Your company chose you for this assignment because you’ve proven that you are equal to the task. Now is the time to show your employers just what you’re made of. You’ve been chosen to represent the company with your efficiency, acumen, and personal flair. So when you walk into the midst of your peers at your first company conference, the pressure will be on to wow them with cool aplomb.

Always Be Dressed For Instant Success

First of all, you should dress yourself to the nines. This doesn’t mean “pimped out” as though you’re ready for a music video. It means be wearing a suit that goes beyond “business casual” into the realm of Billionaire CEO. Dress yourself like you own the world, and carry yourself like an aristocrat. This has nothing to do with being cold or haughty, but everything to do with being supremely confident.

No Second Chance for a First Impression

There is no second chance to make a favorable first impression. Never, under any circumstances, be caught dead at the hotel, the conference, or the after party in anything but a top notch three piece suit, the very best you can afford. And never be late to the pre-conference, the meeting itself, or any of the associated functions that the company may give.

Answer every question with all the promptness, accuracy, and courtesy that you can muster. Even if you’re not feeling true confidence, fake it until you make it. Sooner or later, the ice will break, and then you’ll be right in your element, having gained the attention and admiration of your peers.

Travel Light and Save Big Bucks

Of course, to get to that stage in the first place, you’ll need to arrive safely at your destination, without having spent your entire fortune in getting there. These days, it’s an excellent idea, especially when traveling overseas, to carry as little luggage with you as you possibly can. Airline baggage fees are getting way out of hand, so it’s a good idea to limit yourself to a single suitcase and carry-on bag.

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