Being Safe When Receiving Payment When Selling a Website

Now that you have learned a little bit more about selling your website, hopefully you will eventually find a buyer for your website (at a price that you are happy with). Once you find a buyer, one big thing to think about is the actual payment.

Yes, it seems easy enough – you sell your website and then you get paid. However, there are many things to think about when actually receiving this payment.

How will you actually exchange money for the website? The buyer can pay via cashier’s check or a money order as one option. I do not recommend a personal check from the buyer unless you have dealt with them before and you know that they are trustworthy.

Being Safe When Receiving Payment When Selling a Website


Handling Online Payments

Of course, in the world of buying and selling websites, most people get paid and pay for online activities online, and not through the mail. Many people use PayPal when buying and selling websites, however there are many things to think about if you accept PayPal for payment as a seller.

One problem that some online freelancers have experienced is that a buyer will send payment for the website through PayPal, take the transfer of the website, and then file a dispute of the transaction through PayPal. This was most likely their plan from the very beginning, to take the website and get it for free. PayPal then refunds them for their purchase, and you in the end have nothing to show for the sale of the website.

However, PayPal is not always bad. If you trust the person who is buying your website, then this is an easy to receive payment for your website. If you are dealing with an unknown person or a high amount of money is at stake, I would consider other means to receive your payment.

You can also use an online escrow service. They will hold the buyer’s money until the buyer receives the website, and then you can get your payment for the sale. Using an escrow service can be a way to keep you safe.


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Whichever way you decide to receive your deserved payment, there are some other things that you can do to make the sale more secure. Some will ship the site on DVDs so that you can trace the package according to PayPal. You can also ask for half of the payment upfront to protect yourself even more.

Have you ever sold a website? Have you ever encountered a problem with receiving the actual payment?


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