Becoming a Successful Writer/Blogger

Are you trying to become a writer or blogger? Well, you probably want to be successful, right? Who doesn’t? Today’s post will give you some tips in what you should do and what you probably shouldn’t do. There are always exceptions to rules, but they are nice to know anyways.

Before you jump into writing and blogging, there are some basic rules that you might want to brush up on. You should be aware of what generally is considered a no-no and what will make you an instant hit.

Plagiarism is never good.

I can’t think of a single instance where it would be okay to copy someone else’s work. If you can think of one, then I would like to know, ha!

When writing and blogging, you need to make sure that all of your content is original. You should never just copy and paste articles onto your blog and claim them as your own. There are many negatives of this, mainly that no one will ever want to work with you and everyone will automatically assume that you are a cheater even if it was only one time.

Readers also do not like plagiarism. It makes you very dishonest and not likable at all. If you use a source, you should credit the original source. If what you write is an extension of somebody else’s idea, you need to be sure that you present the ideas in your own words instead of copying someone else’s.

Instead of just regurgitating what the other person said, offer your thoughts on it and add your own unique perspective. Add to the conversation and extend it. Publishing unique content will help you draw readers.

Have some meaty articles every now and then.

Publishing meaty content is very important. Yes, every now and then a short post of 200 words may be worthwhile, but posts with more details and meaning is also great.  There are tons of blogs and articles online that anyone can find. You as a writer and/or blogger need to be unique so that new readers can find you.

Inject your personality into your writing.

If you have to drag yourself to the computer to grind out another blog entry, you are probably wrong about this being the perfect money making idea for you. In order to have the most fun with blogging and writing, you should try to inject as much personality and passion into your posts as you can.


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  1. Great advice. I have just started article writing 2 months ago and was looking for such information . Thanks a lot. I think there are a few more points which you can add in here for example length of an article 🙂 But still I loved it , Keep up the good work.

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