7 Free Things To Do In Chicago

chicago-116813_640Living in the city of Chicago can be quite expensive. Everything seems to cost more, especially gas and taxes.

For the past year I have lived in Chicago and there was always an endless amount of things to do. Not only that, most of the activities I did were free! Summer is almost here which means vacations are abundant and free activities are easier to find.

1. Stroll on your bike or go for a walk across Lakeshore Drive.

Lake Michigan is awesome in the sense that it’s almost like you are on a beach, but when you look behind you all you can see is a gigantic skyline of towers. Swimming is also easily available here, along with kayaking and paddle-boarding. Chicago gets quite hot in the summer so the beach is a perfect spot to spend on your vacation in Chicago. Parking can be quite difficult so expect to pay quite a free bucks if you plan on trying to park your car nearby.

2. Take a stroll through Humboldt Park for free.

Humboldt park holds the famous Riot Fest every year filled with tons of top bands from many different music genres. This park is close to 220 acres and is filled with many different activities to choose from, including a gymnasium and fitness center.

3. Visit Lincoln Park Zoo which is totally free 365 days of the year.

Take a stroll around the zoo and for some added fun, bring your camera to take photos of all of the animals. Even better to bring along the kiddos to add more appreciation to all of the animals.

4. Visit the Chicago Cultural Center for free.

This cultural center offers a wide range of educational activities and is also the US first cultural center in the entire country.

5. Visit the Hancock Lounge.

Visit the Hancock Lounge at the top of the tower and soak in the views of Chicago. This is a free, but obviously you will need to buy drinks or food if you are at the bar or restaurant area.

6. Visit the Chicago Botanical Garden.

The Chicago Botanical Garden is totally free and offers different activities and viewings all year round. A definite visit while you are in the city.

7. Go to the Navy Pier.

Take a stroll through Navy Pier and soak in all of the scenery around you. The Navy Pier is also home to different tours on water that you can choose from, but those are not free.

What’s your favorite free thing to do in Chicago?


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