6 Ways to Better Your Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of a business. If you are a brand new business, then customer service should be extremely important to you as you don’t want everyone to think that your customer service is horrible and not even give you a second chance.

Regardless if your business consists of just you, or maybe you have thousands of employees, good customer service should be a part of your company’s daily plan.

Here are six ways to better your customer service.

 1. Be nice.

Ways to Better Your Customer ServiceI wish this was as easy as it sounds, but I have seen so many instances where employees of a business are just not nice at all.

2. Have shorter lines.

One thing that will automatically make people a little angry while in your store is if the line feels like it’s 100 people long and then there is only one cashier. Make sure that you have enough staff  for the amount of revenues that you plan on making.

You also don’t want customers to feel like they have to hunt someone down in order to get some help.

3. Return e-mails.

Yes, for some businesses this would be impossible to return every e-mail. However, if you have the capacity then I do think that you should be making somewhat of an effort to at least reply to some e-mails.

Replying to e-mails shows to customers that you go the extra step to listen to them or fix any issues.

4. Smile while speaking on the phone.

Your customers can’t see you, but you should still be trying to smile on the phone.

5. Hire a mystery shop company.

If your customer service is something that may be of worry to you, then you may want to look into hiring a company to do mystery shops for your business. This way, you can see exactly what may be wrong with your business from an outside perspective. It will also keep employees on their toes because they know that they are being graded.

6. Show your knowledge.

One reason why many people prefer to spend more in return for better customer service is because smaller stores usually know more about their product. Their employees may be able to offer you valuable knowledge.

How do you work on improving your customer service?


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  1. I get most frustrated with customer service gives me an unsatisfactory solution or response to my issue. One company who’s customer service I’m ALWAYS impressed by is Amazon’s. They’re so good about fixing, replacing, giving credits, everything. Makes me want to shop there.

  2. Very informative posts here, loved the “Smile while on phone” point… Your information is great , hope it’ll help me 🙂

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