5 Ways To Save Money With Kids

5 Ways To Save Money With KidsKids are becoming overwhelming expensive especially when they seem to be growing out of clothing so quickly.

Not only that, college tuition costs are increasing every year and the burden of school loans after they finish college can really make things become even more stressful after.

Although I am paying for my own college tuition, I do believe it would’ve made a lot of things easier and less stressful if I had help with school loans.

1. Go shopping at stores for secondhand clothing or online sites like eBay.

Craigslist is even a great place to buy secondhand clothing as a TON of people are selling their baby clothes/toys online. Craigslist even has a free section where you can get free clothing, toys and more. Obviously you want to be very careful to make sure the items are clean and safe for your child to use. And obviously, make sure to meet the person you meet online in a public setting in daylight, and bring someone else with you just in case.

2. Buy clothing that is gender neutral.

This is an amazing idea that many people ignore to do. If you know for sure that you want more than 1 child, this is definitely a tip you want to partake in. It can be very easy to make gender neutral clothing and even if you don’t have a second child, it can be even easier to give to a family member who is having kids.

3. Join your cities Facebook group that is specifically geared to selling items.

In Chicago where I used to live, there were tons of sites geared towards selling absolutely everything. I’ve seen baby cribs, furniture, toys, electronics and clothing go on these sites for ridiculously cheap. I find Facebook selling pages to be more trustworthy than sites like EBay or Craigslist because you can actually view the persons profile and get an idea who they are.

4. Be smart about what you are buying.

Clothes can be deceiving when they are miniature sized which obviously makes them extra cute. Make sure You are buying clothes that you know your child will wear more than once.

5. Use Pinterest to recreate new clothing or toys.

For birthday parties, find a DIY craft that can be used for the whole entire party. Instead of buying a cake, create the cake yourself and have your birthday boy or girl involved with the baking process as well. This can not only be fun, but quite educational as well. This will bring confidence the child and therefore make you happier as well!

How else can you save money with kids? Do you participate in any of the tips I mentioned above?


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