5 Tips For Your Video Interview

If you are about to go on a video interview for a potential new job, then you need to prepare yourself and practice. Just because the interview is not in person does not mean that you should take it less seriously. Your video interview could help make or break you.

Here are my tips to prepare yourself for your job interview:

5 Tips For Your Video Interview1. Dress the part.

No, you are not meeting your interviewer face to face, but they will still be able to see you. You should dress head to toe just like you would if you were going on a face to face interview at this company.

You might be thinking, oh but they won’t even see my bottom half! WRONG! What if you get up or adjust yourself and all you have on is your underwear? They may be able to see that and that might sound funny, but it may cost you the job because it doesn’t look professional at all.

2. Have a stable connection.

You need to have your video interview from a place in your home where you know you will have a stable internet connection. You don’t want to be cutting out.

3. Make sure your camera is clear and not grainy.

Before you get on your video interview, you should practice playing around with your video chat to make sure it even works. You want something clear (not grainy), there to be enough lighting (don’t just sit in the dark), you should know where you should be sitting (they should not only be able to see one of your eyes), and more. You should prepare all of this ahead of time because it will help you do well on the interview, and it’s also one of the easier things that you can do.

4. Don’t forget your surroundings.

One thing you don’t want to forget is where you are sitting. Make sure there is a blank wall behind you, or something “normal.” If you are having a video interview for an accounting position and have a Hello Kitty poster behind you, then they might not take you seriously.

Also, you want to have your video interview where you know you won’t be distracted. The TV should be off, your dogs shouldn’t be barking, people shouldn’t be talking about you and more.

5. Practice normal interview questions.

Whatever you do, always treat your video interview just like a normal interview. You should practice common interview questions and make sure you know the answers to them. Read my other article Common Interview Questions That You Are Bombing to learn more.

What video interview tips do you have to share?


Image via Flickr by arbron


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  1. So true about making sure you have high quality video! It’s like on YouTube. If you’re watching a video and the quality is good, you’re more interested. You want your potential employer to be interested.

    Thinking about it in another way, people always judge books by their covers. A video is like an ever-present cover.

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