5 Simple, Effective Ways to Make Money as a Grad Student

5 Simple Effective Ways to Make MoneyTuition, books, calculators, travel expenses to internships and other costs tend to pile up on graduate students. While cutting corners on costs might mean that you’re risking your academic and professional future, you can choose to bring in more money by looking at some of these possible jobs.

Use Your Creative Skills to Freelance
Whether you are an avid photographer or a skilled writer, massage therapist, and look to put those talents to use. Try to start your own business on weekends or the days when you don’t have class. You can speak with your classmates to see if anyone is interested or network with people who are in the same clubs as you are.

Setting up a website with a portfolio of all your work is a wise decision. Be sure to share the link on social media outlets to attract more attention. It’s also important to budget for the tools you will need, camera, massage tables, etc.

Work as an Assistant
Right now, you might feel overwhelmed by the possibility of taking on a full-time job in your field, and that’s understandable with the workload of graduate school. Instead, look into places that are hiring part-time assistants. For example, you could work as a secretary a few days per week at a law firm or fill in for a massage therapist on days when he or she is out. Part-time work such as this will help you to bring in money without compromising the time you have for your studies.

Many graduate students like to work as babysitters or nannies. They do not have to take any work home with them, but they still have an enjoyable job. The hours often work well for graduate students too. For example, many teachers need someone to watch their young children while they are working. The time at which the parents come home from their jobs is just right for a student who needs to attend graduate classes. Looking into daycare centers that are hiring is another possibility for you.

Sell Your Stuff
Whether you are living at home or on-campus, you probably have a pile of items that you just don’t need anymore. This pile could include old clothes that don’t fit, notebooks that were never used, sunglasses that haven’t seen the light of the sun in years and so forth. Using an online storefront to sell these goods helps you to bring in more money, and you don’t even need to leave your home to make the connections. Also, you can post items on Craigslist whenever you want and work less on weeks when large assignments are due at school.

On-campus Jobs

Many graduate students are worried about the time commitments that some positions require, but on-campus jobs are generally happy to work with the students’ schedules. These types of jobs are varied. Students pursuing a master’s degree in English might work at the college writing center, and those with an interest in physical education may find a job at the gym. In some cases, students can have their tuition paid by working at these jobs.

Making money as a graduate student is important, especially since you’re on the road to supporting yourself. Investigating these pathways can open the door to temporary money or to a possible career.


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