5 Apps That Will Save You Money

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.57.11 AMApps are available at the touch of a finger on most people’s cell phones these days. Better yet, most apps are free which allows you to get many free tips and advice wherever you are.

Most of these apps will require WiFi or data, which is easily accessible no matter where you are, unless you are off in another country with limited access. Saving money has never been easier with all of these apps that allow you to keep track of your spending, while also saving money with coupons along the way.

1. Raise.

If you are one of those people racking up gift cards from the holidays and birthday parties, this application is definitely for you. Instead, upload a little information about your gift cards on this app and in exchange, you’ll get money for them. It obviously won’t be the same exact amount of money as on the gift card, but it’s better than the gift cards collecting dust.

2. GoodBudget.

This app is great for people who are trying to save up for a new item such as a car or even a somewhat inexpensive item like a purse. You can keep track of multiple items you are saving up for and allows you to keep track of your budgeting needs on many different devices.


3. GasBuddy.

I never would’ve guessed that gas prices can differ by 30-60 cents in the somewhat small city I live in Colorado. I never thought the need to get one of these apps because gas prices don’t usually have a large gap (at least from what I am used to). When the difference is 30-60 cents, that really urges me to download one of these gas tracking apps. This app allows you to check around the area and see which gas station has the cheapest rate per gallon.

4. BigWords.

College students will greatly appreciate this app because it allows you to find the cheapest textbook from numerous sites. You can rent or buy these books for the cheapest price possible, without doing all of the work of finding the cheapest textbook. I love renting my textbooks because I never use them again after the class ends, which is the case for most people.

5. LevelMoney.

When I first discovered this app, I was filled with excitement! I love the way this app is neatly laid out and organized for you to see how your spending is going and how much money you have left to spend each day. The graphs make it easily available to see how much you have left right down to the penny. There is also a line graph that shows how much you have left to spend and what your projected money spending will be like.

Have you ever used any of these apps to save money? What other apps would you recommend using to save money?

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