4 Ways College Students Can Make Money While Getting Degrees

College students often have a hard time finding time to study and make enough money to pay their bills. Instead of working a part-time job that isn’t related to your future career, you can try these four ways to earn money while getting your degree. They can reinforce learning and add impressive jobs to your résumé.


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1. Tutoring Younger Students

Students who struggle with math, reading, and other topics often need a little help from people with more experience. As a college student, you should have a firm understanding of your chosen major. You can use your experience to help struggling students learn important subjects and earn better grades.

You can often find paid tutoring jobs by contacting your local schools and libraries. Many of them have programs that match college students with younger people who need help with their studies. You get to make money while making a young person’s life better. You also gain teaching experience that you can put on your résumé.

If the schools and libraries in your area don’t offer this service, you can use websites that will connect you with students all over the world.

2. Blogging about Your Interests

Graduate students learn a lot of in-depth, interesting information that others never encounter. If you have a knack for writing, you can use your knowledge to become a blogger.

There are several ways to earn money as a freelance writer. You could start your own blog and sell advertising space, or you could write for a company that sells content to websites. The amount that you can earn often depends on what you write about. Students with experience in business and marketing often find freelance jobs that pay rather well.

The best part is that you get to reinforce the knowledge that you learn in school. Writing about these topics will make specifics easier to recall. Plus, you get to write during your free time, so you don’t have to worry that your work schedule will interfere with studying.

3. Doing Research for Professors

Professors often have busy teaching schedules that prevent them from doing the research they need to gain tenure and gain prominence in their fields. Graduate students can use that as an opportunity to earn extra money.

Start by approaching professors who work in your field. For instance, if you’re getting a Masters of Social Work, talk to professors who teach in the social work department. If you’re studying biology, talk to biology professors. You’re more likely to find work in a subject that you know a lot about. Depending on how much research you do, you may even get credit in published articles.

4. Sell Your Course Notes

Some people in your program will fall behind. That’s bad for them but potentially good for you, especially if you’re great at taking notes. Don’t confuse this with plagiarism. Most colleges will expel students for plagiarism. You’re just sharing course information in an easy-to-understand format that will help other students keep up.

Have you ever used school to make money while earning your degree? What methods did you use?

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