3 Steps After an Interview You Must Take

An interview or even multiple interviews can be tough, but keep in mind that your job search process does not end with an interview. I know, I know, that’s so hard to hear right? Many people think that they are done trying once the interview has come. That is a myth that you should never believe.

You may have other interviews or phone calls that come after an interview, and the decision-making process for the interviewers is not complete until much after the interview. They will most likely be looking at your qualifications and comparing you to other interviewees. There are several steps you should take after an interview that will help you in your job search.

Here are the three steps you should take after an interview:

3 Steps After an Interview You Must TakeSay thank you.

After the interview, you should send an e-mail or a thank you note saying thanks for the interview. This can go a long way, and many people skip this step.

I obtained my first job out of college and I believe a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was the only one who sent a thank you email. It didn’t take long for me to send it, and I sent it to every single interviewer who was in the interviewer (there were three people).

It set me apart from the other interviewees and worked out well in my situation.

Reflect on how you did.

Whether you had a great interview or you bombed it, you should think about how you did in your interview. This is always good because thinking about how you did in the interview right after the interview will help you remember any mistakes or great things you did during it.

This way, you can look for ways to improve your interview skills for the next one you may have to take.

Follow up.

After your interviewer, you will want to follow-up. You don’t want to follow-up moments after the interview, but you may want to try at least one week later. This way, you don’t seem pushy and you are also giving the interviewer some time to think about their decision. Following up the same day as the interview can even seem desperate, and that is not a look you want to show them.

To follow-up, you could send an e-mail or give them a phone call, it really just depends on what you are comfortable with and what you think is appropriate formality for the industry you are looking to get a job in.

Also keep in mind that following up too much can seem annoying as well. I remember one time someone was following up to a job and they would literally call every single day for over one week. It was rather annoying and that definitely does not help you get a job if people already want to hang up with you.

What steps do you usually take after an interview?


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