Never Let a “Writers Block” Leave Your Site Paralyzed Again

notes-514998_640So you’ve found a niche for your money making ideas, identified your keywords and phrases, and set up your website. It’s time to start (and keep) adding content.

After all, site visitors aren’t going to hang around long enough to see your ads or listen to your affiliate pitch if they don’t find something on the page that interests them. No matter what your monetization strategy is, you want your site to be something that provides people value so they will keep coming back for more. The only way you are going to accomplish this is by providing good, quality content.

Consider good, quality content as a part of customer service. Even if your visitors convert (click your ad or make a purchase) but never return, you should still strive to make sure that they had a good experience while they were on your site. You want them to recommend your site, thereby increasing your traffic, reputation, brand recognition and ranking. If you supply reliable information, your visitors are more likely to stick with your site long enough to pay attention to your marketing info–and to trust it enough to click through.

But what if you are having a Writer’s Block, and just cannot come up with ideas? How can you know get back to publishing useful information?

First, think about what someone would like to know about your topic.

If you’re also a beginner in your niche, this is simple. Your visitors probably have the same questions and concerns as you. So document on your site what you learn.

As long as you do not deceive your visitors into thinking you are an expert, this is perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, most people would probably prefer to learn from you than an expert, since you will speak in terms that they can understand well. On the other hand, if you are indeed an expert, try to remember your novice days, and pick a topic that helped you become an expert.

And try to explain it in novice terms without getting too technical. Or request questions from your visitors to find out what they would like to learn from you, and what depth of detail they prefer.

Money Making Ideas: Finding Content For Your Site

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Next, do some research.

Your integrity as a website owner depends on the information you provide your clients. So, no matter how much of a brain freeze you are suffering from, don’t try to “wing it.”

Instead, do some research. The bulk of your research will probably be done online, anyway. Make sure you look for reliable websites though. If you know virtually nothing about your topic, Wikipedia is a good place to start. It will provide a broad understanding of your topic, a launching point for further research, and in most cases is trustworthy.

Check out other expert websites on your topic. If you have problems understanding technical aspects of your subject, eHow and Investopedia, Wikipedia, and so on are excellent places to find articles with simple explanations. These can be an excellent source to find something for you to write about. An ethical note: take notes! Unless the site explicitly allows you to lift content for your own use, you want to purvey your content using your own words. Plagiarism is wrong.

Now that you have an idea of what you want to write about, its time to actually crank out the article.

The first way, and the most obvious one if you enjoy writing and have an aptitude for it, is to write the articles yourself. This is by far the most inexpensive option available to you. When you write an article yourself, you have total control over what you want to say, the tone of the article and the direction it leads your visitors in. With all the notes you generate from your research, or the list of question you have compiled from your readers, it should be easy to come up with an article. Do not stress too much on the length or the article or a particular “style” of writing – as long as you provide value, you are doing good.

Now, on the other hand, if you were lucky to get out of English Composition with a C, or if you would rather go to a dentist than put words on paper, you’ll need to get some help. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have a spouse, significant other, child, or friend who does enjoy writing and won’t mind coming up with usable articles for a small fee. Otherwise, you can hire a freelancer. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people out there who long to be paid for writing in a market where publishing opportunities are hard to come by. You can find small private freelance writer/editors by searching online; in this situation, you can build a loyal working relationship with one company. If you just want quick content, you can hire a writer on a per-job basis (although you may end up with a list of “favorites” later).

Of course, hiring a writer or virtual assistant costs money (the rate varies widely), and while you’re full of money making ideas, it can take time to see a profit.

After a few hours (or days) of research and writing, you should have your content ready. One final tip – don’t get so caught up in your research and writing that you forget that your website is meant to realize your money making ideas. Keep a list of your keywords handy and make sure you (or your writer) use them in appropriate ways. Never, ever give up and let a “writer’s block” paralyze your site again.

A quiet night in: an exercise in frugal saving.

image1As much as any couple, family or group of friends might like going out, it’s never cheap. Whether it’s fine dining or going out to your local bar or restaurant, these are costs that add up all too easily. They may seem cheap once in a while but once you start doing it on a weekly or semi-regular basis, it becomes a larger and larger chunk of your expenses.

In contrast to this, understanding the benefits of a quiet night in can prove useful. More than offering something different and relaxing it can demonstrate a way to stay cheap and cost effective whilst still enjoying the usual perks of life.


If you go out to eat, you should know how much this can cost. Cooking for yourself is usually the cheapest but there are still other options. For instance, if you have the urge for Chinese food, it may be cheaper for everyone to pool money together for chinese takeaways than visit your local restaurant. It’s much cheaper and doesn’t have the added costs of additional drinks and restaurant prices and other service charges that are often forgotten about.


Likewise, if you’re not going out, there is nothing to stop you from being social. Your home can prove entertaining enough with the right company. Cheap entertainment can be anything from a movie rental (if you’re only going to watch it once, don’t buy something you don’t need) to various games, which offer entertainment again and again. These are all cheap, whether you use it once or buy it to use again and again. This is another lesson to be learnt in saving, by understanding the real value of something.

If you come across some movies that you and your friends love, it makes sense to purchase the DVD so you can all watch it whenever you like. Luckily, you can save money by ordering your DVDs online, so you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. To make things more interesting, consider having each person purchase a DVD online and then choosing between your favorites every time you gather.

Additional expenses

Hopefully the two areas above should highlight how easy it is to cut down on those little costs for every social occasion but there are always other areas to look at. Take your appearance, for instance. If you don’t go out to an expensive restaurant you might not need to risk your best shirt or shoes. It can also save on other expenses, such as getting a taxi home late if you’ve been drinking or other travel costs.  So, next time you think you might go out, suggest staying in to the others and see how much can be saved.

Niche Website Ninja Strategy: Create and Rent Out Website Space to Local Businesses

The Internet is one gigantic huge frontier for creative and new business opportunities. Although it is flooded with rehashed website models and business structures – there is still always room for something new and innovative. One great thing about today’s world – if you’re an Internet marketing entrepreneur is that there is an everlasting supply of local businesses that are in need of a web site, Internet marketing services, or both.

For local businesses, the web sites have basically become their sales team, and you as their Internet marketing servicing provider will become their sales person – and local businesses live and die with their sales.

It is great when you can find a company that wants you to work on their SEO for their local business’s web site. Usually this web site has the companies name as their domain name, and usually, if you can find a good client, you will get paid pretty well. But the real money doesn’t come when you are working on somebody else’s website – it comes when you create your own niche website and rent it out to to business owners.

The Strategy

Choosing a Niche(s) and a Domain Name(s): This is what is going to guide you and give you direction. Your strategy is going to be heavily based on what domain names are available. Once upon a time domain names for city/service or city/product keyword combinations were widely available. This is not the case anymore however for the common niches like dentistry and attorneys as many people caught on to the tactics I am describing in this article and started hoarding city/service and city/product domain names. You can still find these domain names for sale, but they are expensive – although sometimes still worth the cost.

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10 Linkbuilding Strategies to Get Some Momentum Started

Once you’ve found a potentially profitable niche, identified your keywords, and come up with quality content, you need to generate traffic. Wait, you say–isn’t that what all that agonizing over niches and keywords was for? Well, yes, but you need a little more to get your site to the top of Google. The hard truth is, only the first page matters. With every results page a potential customer needs to skim to get to your site, the less likely they’ll ever see your brilliant money making ideas. To move you up, the search engine spiders need to see that your site is worthwhile enough to garner consistent attention.

What you need, specifically, are backlinks–a link to your site from another. These are important to Google’s PageRank system, as they’re considered votes of confidence. If quality sites are backlinking to yours, your site must be quality as well. Remember, Google didn’t get to be today’s preeminent search engine by throwing out random, useless results to its users.

How can you acquire good backlinks (also known as inbound links)? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of methods out there, some reputable, some dicey, and some foolhardy. However, you’ll find that certain strategies are suggested repeatedly. Here’s a list of the ten most popular, along with a couple which you should avoid at all costs.

#1 Feature Good, Solid Content (aka Linkbaiting)

This is the way that Google prefers that you acquire inbound links. The idea is that, if you provide valuable information, presented in a unique and even entertaining format, webmasters of related sites will want to link to you. So keep providing excellent service; it will happen. In the meantime…

#2 Try Article Marketing

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Five Basic Mistakes Most People Make While Picking Keywords (and End Up Crippling Their Income Significantly)

So you’ve picked out your niche based on fantastic money making ideas. You’re sure it will attract swarms of traffic and catapult you to the top of Google in no time. All you need to do is throw in some content, put up some ads and wait for the cash to roll in, right?

Well, not quite. How are people going to find this terrific site of yours?

They just type in Google what they’re looking for and my site will pop up, right?

Not quite.

The thing is, you can’t take the risk that someone searching for something in your niche will find your site, informative as it is, “magically”. You need to pave the way for this to happen by making sure you have used the right keywords to attract the right kind of traffic. Keywords (or keyword phrases) are the terms people type into Google and other search engines when they need information. How can you be sure that your content contains the right ones?  The key is to do a little bit of keyword research before your build your site.

Here are some of the mistakes most people make when they build a website. Avoid them, and you will increase your earning potential significantly.

Mistake #1: Building a site around a keyword or phrase that you think is “obvious” or “great”

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A Few Things You Need to Know About PayPal

If you use any of the money making ideas that require online transactions e.g., eBay selling, freelancing, blogging, etc., then you need to have a means to accept payment online. And you need to be able to do this in a secure and easy-to-use fashion. Before you run off to invent your secure payment system, stop. That wheel has already been invented. And it has become a household name for people who buy or sell online. Yes, we are talking about Paypal.

PayPal has taken international business money exchange by storm. If you’ve purchased anything online in the past few years, chances are that you were offered the option to pay for your purchase using your PayPal account. If you want to make money online, you should consider creating a PayPal account so you can offer your customers the option to buy your products or services without ever touching a check or credit card.

Here are a few things you should know about this online payment juggernaut –


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Niche Site 101: What You Need to Know About Getting Rich by Pitching a Niche

Looking for a way to supplement your income? Niche marketing — the business of using websites to generate income through pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, lead generation, or old fashioned product-selling — is turning into one of the most popular money making ideas online! Thanks to more automated, easy-to-implement programs, you don’t have to be a computer genius to get started. All you really need is patience, persistence and a little flexibility.

One caveat: It’s important to realize that, unless people are throwing you money at random, there is really no such thing as “easy money”. If niche marketing is going to work for you, it will be because you make it work for you. Like everything else worth doing, it will take effort, education, and time. Oh, and nor will you (most likely) be earning six figures within a month, if ever. That being said, many people find niche marketing an exciting, satisfying way to add to their income, and some entrepreneurs are able to make it their full-time job.

Let’s see what is involved in trying to make money using niche sites, and you can decide for yourself if this is one of the money making ideas that will work for you.

What Do You Need?

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