What are your staffing options?

After you have decided that you will hire employees, the next question is what type of employees will you hire? There are a few different staffing options for you and your business, and it is all based on your needs. Each case is different.

Here are your options:


Hire a Full-Time Employee

A full-time employee will generally work around 40 hours each week. They might also receive health benefits and a set salary.


Hire a Part-Time Employee

What are your staffing options?

A part-time employee may be needed over a full-time employee because you may not need someone for as many hours. This person will usually work around 25 hours each week (possibly less or more), as designated by you.

With a part-time employee, you do have to keep in mind that this person will probably have another job, which means that there may be scheduling conflicts. They also may not be as loyal to your company as you would like since they would have to hold two jobs.


Find an Independent Contractor

If you are not looking for an employee, you may look at hiring an independent contractor. Keep in mind that there are certain IRS guidelines as to hiring an independent contractor. If the person is actually an employee, you should not be calling them a contractor.

With an independent contractor, you are hiring a person for specific work that needs to be done. Make sure you have a contract. This person is not an employee. This means that there are no payroll taxes from you. Usually an independent contractor charges more than what a normal employee would charge. This is usually due to the fact that they are handling the business side themselves (such as payroll taxes).


Hire a Temp Employee

A temporary employee is usually best when you know that you won’t need an employee for a long amount of time. An example would be if you have a time every year when you know that it will be extremely busy. You know that you don’t need a person throughout the year, but just for a few months.

This is where a temporary employee would come in handy. They will come in knowing that the work is only temporary, and they will be done with their position once your busy season is over.

You can hire your own temporary employee, or you may look at a staffing agency to fill your needs.


What staffing option fits you and your company best?


Why You Need to Hire Help

When you start your own business, you may find it hard to hire help. There are a lot of things that go into hiring your first employee. Also, having someone sort of control the fate of your business can be a scary thing to deal with.

Of course each and every situation is different. Some businesses may be great with just one worker (you). However, many need more workers in order to grow and survive.

Below are reasons for why you need to hire help:

Why You Need to Hire HelpYou can’t do everything. 

You might like to think that you can do everything, but that is very difficult for any business owner. I have seen someone open up a retail store, and they did everything themselves. They had hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory, so this was not a small store.

This business owner did everything. He would open the store, close the store, stock the shelves, handle the accounting, ring out customers, deal with distributors and so on. Just thinking about everything he did gives me a headache.

This store does not end well though. He never hired help, and his business suffered because of it. He couldn’t trust anyone, and that led to the demise and closing of his store.

Plus, you will probably want to take time off eventually. If you control the whole business and have never had any help, then it would be very hard to ever take a break or a vacation, because there would be no one to step in and run your business while you are gone.

Your time is valuable.

Yes, your time is valuable. In the above situation, the business owner definitely should have hired employees. Instead of spending time growing his company, he had to do many little tasks, such as stocking shelves and cleaning the store.

You need to determine where your value lies. Could you hire someone to do the smaller tasks while you handle the more important tasks of the business?

Hiring someone else may allow you to grow your business.

If your business is not growing, one of the reasons may be because you DON’T have any help. Extra people may be able increase sales, make the business more efficient and so on.

If your company is a sales driven company, then more employees is usually better since there is only so much that one salesperson can do.


When did you decide that you needed help with your business? Are you glad that you hired help?


A quiet night in: an exercise in frugal saving.

image1As much as any couple, family or group of friends might like going out, it’s never cheap. Whether it’s fine dining or going out to your local bar or restaurant, these are costs that add up all too easily. They may seem cheap once in a while but once you start doing it on a weekly or semi-regular basis, it becomes a larger and larger chunk of your expenses.

In contrast to this, understanding the benefits of a quiet night in can prove useful. More than offering something different and relaxing it can demonstrate a way to stay cheap and cost effective whilst still enjoying the usual perks of life.


If you go out to eat, you should know how much this can cost. Cooking for yourself is usually the cheapest but there are still other options. For instance, if you have the urge for Chinese food, it may be cheaper for everyone to pool money together for chinese takeaways than visit your local restaurant. It’s much cheaper and doesn’t have the added costs of additional drinks and restaurant prices and other service charges that are often forgotten about.


Likewise, if you’re not going out, there is nothing to stop you from being social. Your home can prove entertaining enough with the right company. Cheap entertainment can be anything from a movie rental (if you’re only going to watch it once, don’t buy something you don’t need) to various games, which offer entertainment again and again. These are all cheap, whether you use it once or buy it to use again and again. This is another lesson to be learnt in saving, by understanding the real value of something.

If you come across some movies that you and your friends love, it makes sense to purchase the DVD so you can all watch it whenever you like. Luckily, you can save money by ordering your DVDs online, so you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. To make things more interesting, consider having each person purchase a DVD online and then choosing between your favorites every time you gather.

Additional expenses

Hopefully the two areas above should highlight how easy it is to cut down on those little costs for every social occasion but there are always other areas to look at. Take your appearance, for instance. If you don’t go out to an expensive restaurant you might not need to risk your best shirt or shoes. It can also save on other expenses, such as getting a taxi home late if you’ve been drinking or other travel costs.  So, next time you think you might go out, suggest staying in to the others and see how much can be saved.