A quiet night in: an exercise in frugal saving.

image1As much as any couple, family or group of friends might like going out, it’s never cheap. Whether it’s fine dining or going out to your local bar or restaurant, these are costs that add up all too easily. They may seem cheap once in a while but once you start doing it on a weekly or semi-regular basis, it becomes a larger and larger chunk of your expenses.

In contrast to this, understanding the benefits of a quiet night in can prove useful. More than offering something different and relaxing it can demonstrate a way to stay cheap and cost effective whilst still enjoying the usual perks of life.


If you go out to eat, you should know how much this can cost. Cooking for yourself is usually the cheapest but there are still other options. For instance, if you have the urge for Chinese food, it may be cheaper for everyone to pool money together for chinese takeaways than visit your local restaurant. It’s much cheaper and doesn’t have the added costs of additional drinks and restaurant prices and other service charges that are often forgotten about.


Likewise, if you’re not going out, there is nothing to stop you from being social. Your home can prove entertaining enough with the right company. Cheap entertainment can be anything from a movie rental (if you’re only going to watch it once, don’t buy something you don’t need) to various games, which offer entertainment again and again. These are all cheap, whether you use it once or buy it to use again and again. This is another lesson to be learnt in saving, by understanding the real value of something.

If you come across some movies that you and your friends love, it makes sense to purchase the DVD so you can all watch it whenever you like. Luckily, you can save money by ordering your DVDs online, so you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. To make things more interesting, consider having each person purchase a DVD online and then choosing between your favorites every time you gather.

Additional expenses

Hopefully the two areas above should highlight how easy it is to cut down on those little costs for every social occasion but there are always other areas to look at. Take your appearance, for instance. If you don’t go out to an expensive restaurant you might not need to risk your best shirt or shoes. It can also save on other expenses, such as getting a taxi home late if you’ve been drinking or other travel costs.  So, next time you think you might go out, suggest staying in to the others and see how much can be saved.

Cash Loans for Luxuries

The term loan can seem like a very weighty word, when you hear it it immediately conjures up ideas that everything will end badly; not to mention the hurdles you will encounter if you have a poor credit history. However, not all loans have to mean that you will be forever paying back what you owe plus interest, nor do they have to mean that because of your past mistakes you have to be left without money when you need it most.

A lot of the time we tend to need only small amounts of cash in a short period of time, for example, when you’ve broken your smartphone and you need to borrow a couple of hundred pounds to help you get it fixed if payday is a while off. However you don’t want to have to take out a large loan that is going to be unused and tempt you to spend more than you need to. Therefore if you need a quick cash fix, but you don’t want to have to deal with the long wait from banks whilst they decide whether to lend to you, you can seek help from http://www.cashwindow.co.uk.

This new cash loan company will be available online, in selected stores and on your mobile, meaning that you can be instantly connected to quick cash loans easily and simply. Furthermore, they will give you the option to have the money paid directly into your bank account, or you can collect the cash in person if the option is more convenient for you. This level of flexibility and speed is sure to help you survive until payday if you need to pay out for a new computer or other commodities that you’d otherwise not be able to afford. Cash loans have never sounded like such a positive and helpful word; don’t let yourself stress out about the wait between now and payday, use a cash loads to help you last that little longer.

The Four P’s of Dealing with “Clients from Hell”

Money making ideas without proper implementation are like cars without an engine; they look good on paper, but won’t get you anywhere. Just like any good engine, implementing an idea requires that you deal with many different moving parts. One of the most complicated parts of this engine, one that you absolutely cannot do without, is your clients.

The problem with clients though, is that they come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what breed they are, they hold in their palms the power to make or break your aspirations to earn some extra money. Literally. After all, they are the ones who will pay you the money. While some of them can be great and a joy to work with, some of them are bound to be “clients from hell”. They may be rude, uncommunicative, unwilling to give detailed information, impatient, hard to contact, or in the worst case, fail to pay for your services. No matter how difficult clients get, you can stay one step ahead and deal with them to achieve your end goal – make some money. Just remember these Four P’s of dealing with the difficult clients from Hell, and you should be good to go.

Patience: Wait it Out

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