Can I Make Money Online?

Rarely does a day go by without someone asking me if making money online is a scam or not.

Well, let me tell you now.

It is NOT a scam to make money online. Yes, there are some scams out there, but there are plenty of legitimate online jobs out there where you can earn a full-time living from the comfort of your home.

Below are different things you might want to think about when thinking about whether or not you want to make money online.

Can I Make Money Online

Don’t ever pay in order to work.

One way to spot an online job scam is if they ask you to pay money to them upfront in order to do the job. I guess in some instances it might make sense if you have to buy a product, but in 99.99% of cases, it is a complete scam. You should always be careful with online jobs that ask you to give them money.

In many cases they are just hoping that you’ll fail because they already made a lot of money off of you.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Like with most things in life, if something sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is. You should always stick to your intuition because it is most likely correct. It’s always best to step away from something if it doesn’t past your test because you never want to risk your own time, money, life, etc.

You might have to work for low pay in the beginning.

With online work, you will most likely have to build your business from the ground up. This means that you might have to work for relatively low pay in the beginning in order to build up your portfolio and your business. In many cases, you may even work for free in the beginning. It’s all about experience in the online world.

Someone who is just starting out most likely cannot command the same rates as someone who has been working in the online world for five years. I’ve never really seen that happen and I don’t really expect to see that happen any time in the near future.

It will be hard work.

Working online is definitely not a way to get rich quickly. Just because you are working from home and online does not mean that the work will be easy.

Do you make money online? Why or why not?


5 Ways To Have A Better Instagram Page

5 Ways To Have A Better Instagram PageInstagram has become a major hub for businesses to showcase images of their items or business. I’m more of a visual person, so Instagram has become one of my favorite social media outlets.

I love interacting with other people through Instagram and gaining motivation and inspiration from the page as well. It’s very easy to make friends on this site because photos can show a lot about a person, and from there you are following them and learning more about their life.

I use Instagram as a way to gain friends, but also followers as well because of my business.

1. Post real photos.

What I mean by real photos, is personable photos that someone can relate to. In your caption area, write what the photo is about, how your day was, what you are struggling with. People like being able to relate to others. Post photos of your children, workouts, etc. People will relate to these photos and want to see more, in return they will follow you.

2. Stick to a theme.

If you’re Instagram is all over the place, there’s a higher chance that you won’t gain followers and you might even lose them. There was a reason that person followed you, so stick to a theme. That doesn’t mean if your theme is working that you can’t post pictures of your dogs or kids. People will also relate to that and find interest in that as well.

3. If you’re going to post hashtags, post them after you posted your caption.

This allows your reader to read your caption, and they are more likely to do so without 30 hashtags behind it. It’s less distracting and doesn’t seem like you’re trying to get followers so much.

4. Sometimes a photo doesn’t have to have 10 different edits to it.

Sometimes people just want a basic photo to get a real idea of it. I have a hard time looking at photos with a bunch of different edits to it, as well as too many colors or words on the picture. It’s quite distracting and makes me want to quickly jump away from the photo.

5. Last but not least, interact with your audience.

If someone posts on one of your photos, make sure to comment back. Better yet, check their Instagram page and see what they have posted. Like some of their pictures, and even comment on one to get more interaction going.

If you want to see my Instagram and see photos of my travels and weightloss progress, head to Fitalexiss.

Do you have an Instagram page? If you care about gaining followers, what do you do to gain?


How To Easily Send And Receive Money With Friends

iphone-410311_640Recently, I was asked by a friend if there was a different way that they could pay me money that they owed since we live in different states.

We had hung out a couple of weeks earlier and I paid for a large purchase since we were not able to split it. I didn’t mind paying for it, but, of course, I wanted to be reimbursed since the cost was a few hundred dollars altogether for the two of us.

Since we live so far away from each other, cash was not an easy option. I did not want my friend to send me cash in the mail as that would definitely be a disaster. It could either be destroyed or stolen.

They also don’t have any checks on them (it is 2015 after all – I don’t even have a checkbook either so I don’t blame them), but they wanted to pay me ASAP since they had forgotten about it and they felt bad that a few weeks had already passed by.

They also don’t have a personal PayPal account since they only had a business PayPal account. I then told them that I had Square Cash and that they could easily pay me through there. Yes, it’s really that easy and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

Money can be a sticky situation to deal with when it comes to friends, but Square Cash makes it much easier and much less of a hassle.

There’s no dealing with checks, cash, or incorrect amounts. You can pay and receive the exact amount that you are supposed to get.

Below are two main questions about Square Cash that my friend asked me about.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.34.47 AMCan anyone send money with Square Cash?

Yes, anyone can send money with Square Cash.

You do not have to be a registered Square Cash user if you want to send cash to someone else. The only requirement is that the other person is a registered user. This obviously has to happen or Square Cash wouldn’t know where to send the money to! 🙂

How much does it cost to use Square Cash?

Sending money with Square Cash is very affordable.

With the situation above, there would be no fee since it is just a payment between friends. All friends and family payments that are sent and received are completely free. Yes, free.

There is a small 1.5% fee if you have a Square Cash business account, but if your account is a personal account then you have nothing to worry about.

Would you use Square Cash? Don’t you agree that it’s a much easier way to send and receive money between friends and family?

3 Reasons To Have a Business Credit Card

5 Reasons To Have a Business Credit CardIf you have a business, then you might want to look into getting a credit card for it.

As I always say, only do this if you are actually good at managing credit cards though. Getting a credit card for any reason is not worth it if it just leads to credit card debt.

A business credit card has so many positives, and I only recently realized this. I should have done this years ago as it has helped me earn money and it has made life a little easier as well.

Below are three reasons to have a business credit card. If you are currently only using a personal credit card, cash, bank account, etc., then you should continuer reading!

1. The rewards points can be great.

For business credit cards, the rewards are usually a little bit better than with personal credit cards. I recently signed up for a business credit card and received $875 for signing up and using it just like how I normally would. That’s a decent amount of money, and I was even able to buy a new laptop with that!

I’ve personally noticed that business credit cards have much higher sign up bonuses. There are many business credit cards like the one that I mentioned above that offer great sign up bonuses.

Another great positive is that you may be able to get two of a similar credit card and earn double the bonus. For example, I have a personal Southwest credit card and I also have a business Southwest card. This way I can earn the great sign up bonus twice.

2. Small businesses can get credit cards.

There’s a myth out there that you have to have a big business in order to qualify for business credit cards. The truth is that for many business credit cards, they are not strict with what kind of business uses their card. Usually they do not require an EIN, proof of your business, and so on.

So, even if you just have a small business where you occasionally sell items from your home, you may in fact be able to get approved for a business credit card as well.

3. It can help you keep expenses separated.

By having a credit card dedicated to your business expenses, it can help you keep your business and personal expenses separate. You can use your credit card for strictly business purposes and that way you know exactly what is business-related. This means less to go through when tax time comes rolling around!

Do you have a business credit card? Why or why not?


Best Tips for Business Travel

aircraft-513641_640So you’ve landed a great new job that seems to have everything: Great pay, tip top benefits, and even a travel bonus. You’ve got every reason to congratulate yourself on your sweet success. Now it’s time to hop on that plane, fly off to the far corners of the globe, and reap the benefits of all that hard work and dedication. Now that you’ve hit the big time, it’s time to strut your stuff and show the world just what you’re made of.

It’s Time to Travel the World

Your company chose you for this assignment because you’ve proven that you are equal to the task. Now is the time to show your employers just what you’re made of. You’ve been chosen to represent the company with your efficiency, acumen, and personal flair. So when you walk into the midst of your peers at your first company conference, the pressure will be on to wow them with cool aplomb.

Always Be Dressed For Instant Success

First of all, you should dress yourself to the nines. This doesn’t mean “pimped out” as though you’re ready for a music video. It means be wearing a suit that goes beyond “business casual” into the realm of Billionaire CEO. Dress yourself like you own the world, and carry yourself like an aristocrat. This has nothing to do with being cold or haughty, but everything to do with being supremely confident.

No Second Chance for a First Impression

There is no second chance to make a favorable first impression. Never, under any circumstances, be caught dead at the hotel, the conference, or the after party in anything but a top notch three piece suit, the very best you can afford. And never be late to the pre-conference, the meeting itself, or any of the associated functions that the company may give.

Answer every question with all the promptness, accuracy, and courtesy that you can muster. Even if you’re not feeling true confidence, fake it until you make it. Sooner or later, the ice will break, and then you’ll be right in your element, having gained the attention and admiration of your peers.

Travel Light and Save Big Bucks

Of course, to get to that stage in the first place, you’ll need to arrive safely at your destination, without having spent your entire fortune in getting there. These days, it’s an excellent idea, especially when traveling overseas, to carry as little luggage with you as you possibly can. Airline baggage fees are getting way out of hand, so it’s a good idea to limit yourself to a single suitcase and carry-on bag.

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5 Tips To Have Side Hustle Success

5 Tips To Have Side Hustle SuccessSide hustling can change your life. You can make money on the side of your day job that can help you reach your financial goals a little bit more quickly.

You can pay off your student loans, start the business of your dreams on the side, go on a dream vacation, save up money to travel the world, pay off your credit card debt, save up for a home down payment, and more.

It’s all up to you. It’s your time and your money.

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Below are my five tips to have side hustle success:

1. Find the best side hustle for you.

The first thing you need to do is buy the best side hustle for you. This means you should look into your talents and skill set and see how you can make money. Just because one person can make money with a certain side hustle does not mean that it can work for everyone.

This is why you should dive into your own skills and see how you can possibly make money. This makes having a side hustle more enjoyable because you are doing what you want to do in your free time.

For example, if you absolutely hate dogs, then becoming a dog walker sounds like a horrible idea. However, if you love dogs, then becoming a dog walker might be a dream side job for a person.

2. Use your time wisely.

A side hustle means that you will most likely be using a lot of your free time on whatever your side job is. This means that you need to learn how to use your time as wisely as you can.

Create a schedule, eliminate distractions, find out when you work best, and more.

3. Network like crazy.

A very important part of having side hustle success is that you have clients. It would be very hard to ever gather any clients for your business unless you network. This means networking with a potential client base and also networking with those in your industry. Don’t see everyone as competition, instead think of it as a way to grow your business and improve yourself.

4. Outsource what you can.

Eventually, it would be very hard to grow your business while also maintaining your day job. You may want to look into outsourcing what you can so that you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy life.

In the end, it’s always important to enjoy your life. You will most likely be spending a decent amount of time working, so getting out and doing other things that you love is very important. This way you can relax, rejuvenate yourself, and more.

Do you have a side hustle? What tips do you have to be successful with it?


Working Online – Positives and Negatives

macbook-690276_640Working online has become a new way to work instead of going to an office. As the world is becoming focused on internet and staying connected online, it’s becoming more and more easier to work online, which means you can work anywhere and anytime.

Positives of working online.

1. You get to work at home. For me personally, I love working at home. I love being able to stay around family members and getting other tasks done when I need to. You get to spend quality time with the people you love. If you have children, this is especially convenient because you don’t have to hire a nanny or babysitter which would require work finding someone who you will trust with your children. You will also save money on hiring a nanny and we all love saving money!

2. You get to pick your schedule. This is probably my favorite part about working online because I no longer have to follow a strict schedule of waking up at the crack of dawn. I’m not much of a morning person and because of that I’ve spent a lot of money on picking up coffee in the mornings that I didn’t wake up early enough to make my own coffee.

3. No commute to work, saving time and money on gas and car expenses. People travel up to 0-2 hours for work and I even know of a person who travels 1.5 hours to a different state to work. So her total commute time is 3 hours of working! I’m not a fan of driving so whenever I did have to commute to work, I made sure it was less than 30 minutes each way. One time I had to drive 45+ minutes for a job that lasted 3 hours, but they paid for driving so that made up for it.

4. You can travel since you work online. Since you have no place to be, you have the ability to travel wherever you want to go. All you have to do is make sure you are budgeting right and not wasting a bunch of money on items you don’t have money for.

Negatives of working online.

1. You can get easily distracted at home. It can even become more distracting if you have kids and pets to take care of. You also have to find ways to keep your kids distracted while you are working and you also might have to find someone to watch your kids while you work.

2. You aren’t in a work environment, therefore you might work less or stop working often since no one is watching you. When I first started working online, I noticed it was a lot less stressful, but it was also harder to stay on track of my work. I would get easily distracted, but it was because I had so many items distracting me. I had to lay out everything that was distracting me and find ways to make my working area work well for me.

3. Depending on your job, there can be a fluctuation of income. You won’t be getting a steady income as you would at a job out in the corporate world. This can create issues for some people but you have to find solutions to work around this.

What other positives and negatives do you find with working online? Do you agree with what I mentioned?


4 Tips For Raising Prices

5 Tips For Raising PricesOccasionally, there comes a time when you may start thinking about raising the prices for the products or services that your business sells.

You may be thinking about raising your prices for many different reasons. It can be a hard decision, but sometimes it just needs to be done if you want your business to continue to make a profit.

Below are my four tips for raising prices for the products or services that your business sells. Yes, you CAN raise your prices at your business so that you can either get out of losing money year-after-year or so that you can make larger profits.

1. Change your product.

If you are wanting to increase the price of your product, you might want to look into possibly creating a higher quality product. Customers will then see first-hand why your product’s price went up.

You also may want to look into adding other things to your product, such as a free service or a free item that goes with it.

Giving your customers an upgrade of some sort can help you increase your prices as customers will see that they are getting more from paying a higher price of your product or service.

2. Use a different name.

If you don’t want to change your product at all, then just changing the name may help you to increase the price of your product. If you make your product sound better and make it sound like your customer absolutely needs it, then you may be able to charge a higher price.

3. Give your customers a reason.

There must be a reason for why you are increasing the price of your product or service, correct? You should reason with your customers and tell them why you have to increase your prices.

Your customers may be more okay with your reasoning, as long as it is a good one. Being honest with your customers is always a great idea. You do not ever want to lie to your customers about why you are increasing your price as it can easily come out and this will make them wonder about what else you have lied about, which will then significantly impact your reputation most likely.

If you are saying that you need to increase your prices because you just want to earn a salary you may not deserve, then that most likely will not make them reason with you.

4. Raise your price and don’t think twice.

I did not mean to make that rhyme. The truth is that you are able just to raise your price if you want to. You don’t need to change anything about your product or anything else like that if your product is something that your customer wants.

Also, if your price increase isn’t much, then it may not be that big of a deal. As time passes, it is only normal for pricing to increase as well.

What other tips do you have? Have you ever had to increase your prices? How did customers react?


5 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Office

5 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your OfficeMy last job was a complete bore. The work was hard and stressful, but still boring at the same time. It showed too. I never spent a second longer in my office than I had to and I was always practically running away from the office.

This meant that my office was ugly. Since I didn’t care, I didn’t spend any time on making it look nicer.

However, everything is completely different now. I’m constantly looking up different ways to improve my office because I believe that a good office that help make a person more productive, as well as making a person actually want to be in their office.

Below are five ways to improve the look of your office:

1. Better lighting.

Your lighting can drastically impact the mood of your office. If it’s too dark then it would probably be too hard to work. You might need to add more lighting, natural lighting, and so on.

2. Make sure it is always clean.

One important thing to do is to always make sure that your office is clean. Whether this means that you clean it yourself or that you hire someone else to clean your office, it is important that your office is always clean. This is important because a clean office can mean a world of difference.

Clean your keyboards, make sure the floors are clean, wash your windows, take out the trash, make sure it smells nice, clean your desk, pick up crumbs, and more.

3. Create better displays.

How do your displays currently look in your office? You should do your research, make sure everything flows together well, look into cable display systems, and more.

4. Paint.

Paint can go such a long way. Depending on what type of business you run, you can add more color to your office or you can just make everything look more crisp and clean. Paint is also great because it can make it so affordable to completely transform your office. You can most likely be able to spend less than $50 and fall in love with your office all over again.

5. Find better furniture.

There are many ways to find affordable furniture that you love. You can search stores like Ikea or Target, search thrift stores, build your own office furniture, and more.

How does your office look? Are you interested in improving it?


Getting A Loan When You’re Self-Employed

If you are self-employed, then you may one day come across needing some sort of a loan for you and/or your family.

Most like to think that they won’t ever have a problem getting approved for a loan, but if you are self-employed then it may be a little bit tougher than if you worked for someone else.

There are a few problems that you may run into when trying to get a loan (such as a mortgage):

  • Unstable income. Mortgage companies tend to think that self-employment income is more unstable than when you work for someone else, and they don’t like unstable income. You will have to prove that your income is stable.
  • Mortgage companies want at least two years of tax returns. If your last year was lower than the year before, they will take the lower number. If last year’s number was higher than the year before, than they average the two.
  • Mortgage companies want a paper trail. If you have any large deposits (different mortgage companies use a different dollar limit), then they will probably ask for paper proof of where the money came from.


Getting A Loan When You're Self-EmployedWhat income number does the loan company look at?

Do you usually deduct a lot of expenses from your business?

Well guess what?

This can actually affect you negatively when you are looking to apply for a loan. Loan companies look at net income of a self-employed person, and that means that is the income number AFTER you deduct all of those expenses.

If you are unsure what you should do, you should try to talk to an accountant and see what would be best for you. If you deduct everything that you can and your net income is $30,000, you may not be able to get the house that you want to buy if you plan on getting a mortgage.

Do you want that home or to pay less in taxes? That can be a very hard decision.

Your credit score is important. 

If you have a low credit score, then a mortgage company may not approve you. Since you are self-employed, a low or average credit score can count against you as well.

If you plan on buying a home within the next few years, then you should try doing as much as you can now to check your credit score, fix any mistakes on your credit report, and improve your credit score now. It doesn’t have to be hard to do this.

Choosing a company to go with.

What company you choose can play a role as well. The company you choose should be a careful process since it can decide the quality of your loan and how long it will take to obtain a loan of your liking.

Were you able to get a loan easily if you are self-employed? What happened?


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