Working Smart and Working Hard


Everyone leads a very hectic life packed like crazy with things to do and errands to run. Balancing a career, family and life is not easy. So when someone comes along and argues that we don’t need to work so hard as long as we work smart, we are all only too happy to grab on to that argument.

Is working hard or working smart important? Do you need both or one or the other in order to be successful in life? Do they come hand in hand?

Life is meant to be enjoyed. 

Everyone wants to have fun right? Life can’t be all about work and no play.  I like to have fun at casinos, whether they are online, or offline and in person. You can work smartly by playing systems like martingale on the roulette table and card counting on blackjack at casinos. I like martingale, which is a model of a fair game where knowledge of past events never helps predict the mean of the future winnings. I have done this before, and it has actually worked. There are also numerous books on card counting as well.

Working hard is important, but you also want to work smart. There are so many things to be enjoyed out there, and working smart and efficiently can help you do all of those enjoyable things. Whether they be traveling, online casinos, bike rides, cooking or something else, working smart allows you to do these things.


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But hard work and smart work is needed too.

But I just can’t subscribe to the theory that working smart is an alternative to working hard. Working smart is a great way to get things done more efficiently. In a way, it can be seen as a means to cut the fat out of the tasks we do regularly.

But unless you are willing to get your hands dirty and pour your sweat into what you do, I doubt that just working smart will get you anywhere in the long run. It can offer success in the short term, but if you want to really be successful in the long run, you need to start working hard too.

Come to think of it, Bill Gates is smart right? What if he just worked for 8 hours and called it a day? I am sure in those 8 hours he could get quite a fair amount accomplished and impress a lot of people, but do you think Microsoft would be the giant that it is today? The same goes for Google and You Tube. Yes, it looks like they all have it easy now, but imagine the elbow grease they would have put in during the early days to make themselves the giants they are today. There was a lot of hard work done in the beginning in both of these cases.

I have no ambition to be the next Microsoft or the next Google. But I do want to make sure I can retire early and retire financially comfortably. While at the same time providing my (future) children with comfortable lives and good education.

I agree that just working hard is not enough. But working only smart isn’t quite the recipe either. I hope to find a good balance of the two to take me where I want to be. And like all the other cocky youth out there, I am pretty sure, I have found the right answer 🙂

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