Top Eight Finance Programs in the Country

Secure your future with a finance degree from one of the top programs in the United States. Gaining a formal education in finance opens doors for high paying jobs with investment firms, Fortune 500 companies, and lenders. It also equips you to handle your personal finances with enhanced insight. When choosing a program, consider these eight highly ranked schools to prepare you for success after graduation.

Indiana University, Bloomington

The Kelley School of Business promises to make you an expert in financial topics such as trading, international banking, security analysis, and portfolio management. Study under distinguished professors, some of whom have worked as a visiting economist to the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve. Opportunities to have experiences in the real world and to network with professionals are also part of the finance program at Indiana University.

Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

This Ivy League school uses an interdisciplinary approach to teach students at the Bendheim Center for Finance. This program incorporates the resources of multiple departments including Computer Science, Economics, and Operations Research and Financial Engineering. One strength of this program is its ability to prepare you for a wide range of jobs, from financial engineering to quantitative trading. Don’t forget the value of having a degree from such a prestigious institution and the prestige that comes with the Princeton name.

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois


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This university’s finance program is housed in the Kellogg School of Management. Situated close to Chicago, students from Northwestern have ample companies and institutions nearby where they can complete an internship. Looking to develop a specialty in the field of finance? This school may be your best bet. Whether you’re interested in capital market dynamics or technical asset pricing, Northwestern brings you renowned professors who will help you delve into these specific areas of finance.

Besides offering a range of specialties, this program also keeps students current on the latest developments in the field of finance. Courses focus on the fundamentals but also teach students about new and emerging practices in LBO fund arenas and hedge fund management.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Boasting a program that awards students a Master of Science in Computational Finance, Carnegie Mellon launched this course of study as a joint effort between four colleges on campus. That means students enjoy the expertise of faculty from mathematical sciences, business, statistics, and public policy.

This school has a high placement rate for its graduates. Companies such as Fisher Investments value graduates with the depth of knowledge offered through this university’s program. FI on Facebook gives potential students an idea of the kinds of work they could do if they secure a degree from a prestige program like the one at Carnegie Mellon.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge


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Included under the auspices of the Sloan School of Management, the Master of Finance degree from MIT carries prestige. One advantage of this program is its length: Students complete the in-depth, intensive coursework over one year. Another highlight of the MIT program is its flexibility, making it easy for students to create a course of study that emphasizes the areas of finance that interest them the most.

University of Chicago

Graduates of the finance program at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business have secured jobs with top investment firms as well as the Federal Reserve Bank. Rooted in a strong study of the basics, this program lets students explore security prices, how firms make investment decisions, and bank regulations. Students may opt to pursue a degree in financial economics as well.

New York University, New York City

The renowned Leonard N. Stern School of Business gives students access to more than 40 faculty members who are conducting research in the field. Among the topics being studied is the collapse of the financial giants and the mortgage crisis. Learning at the feet of these professors means students stay abreast of the latest developments in the ever-changing world of finance and investments.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Consistently ranked at or near the top of the best finance programs in the country, the University of Pennsylvania offers students an opportunity to choose from one of four areas of study: financial instruments, corporate finance, international finance, and banking. Carrying the renown of the Wharton School of Business, graduates of this program have serious credibility. From top-notch faculty to courses on the newest techniques in the field, students find they’re well served at the University of Pennsylvania.

Think carefully about the areas of finance that interest you the most. Choose a school that will enable you to pursue those interests.



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